Social Responsibilities

NationGate has been promoting social responsibility for a long time since it was incorporated, based on the concept of from community back to community with the vision of improving corporate and social sustainable competitiveness, NationGate target to drive society to the direction of goodwill. Our management team hopes to promote the harmonious development of society and the progress of civilization through investment in education, public charities, technology and employees’ volunteer services.

Humanistic Culture Activity of Deepavali

A drawing of patterns and images on the ground using rice flour or other artificially coloured materialsKolam, also known as Rongoli is a folk art from India. It is usually made during Indian festival such as Deepavali. Kolam is , which are usually rice and grated coconut. NationGate brings to life these same ideals in this festive celebration that demonstrates the spirit of sharing, camaraderie and harmony amongst employees.

NationGate Futsal Tournament

It’s fun and friendly match! NationGate have proactive recreational activities lined up, aimed to foster employees get together through various sports and social activities.

Teambuilding # Movie Days

The enthusiasm that people have brought back to the working environment and reflected a positive impact on personal and business goals.

Nepal earthquake donation

Nepal earthquake donation to each organizations.